Collecting bonuses in Tribez

If you didn’t know already, you can get some pretty cool bonuses in the game if you follow anything related in this game. Most of the times these will be some codes, but if you follow the Tribez on any social media (mostly on Facebook) you will see that they offer some bonuses every few days. You should definitely follow them on Facebook (you can do that by clicking HERE) and just keep your eye out on that page. They will post something like this:

Most of the times you won’t have to do anything other than just logging into your game and claiming the bonuses but from time to time they will post something special that you will have to claim on their website or some special link. Don’t worry, there is nothing special about all of that, it’s nothing hard, they just want you to visit their website so you can see more special offers that they have (like buying resources from them directly because that is how they make their money). You can just ignore all of that and claim what you want and leave the website!


If you missed a lot of bonuses, don’t you worry. There is a website which holds some codes that you can try. Some of them are expired, but some of them you can still try to use. You should try to use them all because you never know which codes will work and you should try them all just to be safe. Just copy and paste the codes in your game and you will be done within 20 minutes. That’s what I did and I got lots of extra resources and special bonuses with these codes. You can find those codes on this website here. Scroll down and you will see the codes. Next to the codes you will see what can you get with each code so you can try only the best one if you don’t have much time. Enjoy!

Updated: June 27, 2018 — 9:46 am

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