How to get more done – with friends!

The Tribez is a social game which means that you can get more done if you have some friends. They can come to visit and help you out. This was really popular with FarmVille and now most of the games are doing this. It’s a fun and easy way to get more people to play the game and to actually have more fun because playing games with friends is more fun!

How to get more friends?

You may think that this is hard, but it is not. If you have some friends that you like to hang out with, just ask them if they want to play. Easy as that. If they don’t want to play here is how to get more friends to play.

The first method that I have is to follow The Tribez Facebook page as there are people who actively play this game. You can post a comment saying that you need friends and some people will add you and then you can help each other.

More friends with Facebook Groups

Another method also includes Facebook but this time its groups instead of the official page. You can request access to those groups and then post something like: “Hey guys! I’m looking some friends to speed up the leveling process. We can help each other. Who is in?” and you will get a few replies within a few hours. That way you can help each other and that is also the reason why I love this game. People want to help you because you can help them as well. When you help someone, you do not lose anything. You both gain something from it which is great. That is why you should have many friends in this game so you can grow really, really fast.

Here are some Facebook groups that you can try to join:

The Tribez Friends

The Tribez Friends & Neighbors Group

These are the 2 most popular groups for Tribez and you can find more, but you probably won’t need any more than these two. Join up, write something and meet some new, cool people!

Updated: August 7, 2018 — 11:29 am

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